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Hi all and welcome to Edvolution Pakistan blog! Over the coming weeks you will see articles about new projects, Events and the innovative work that Edvolution Pakistan and its employees are doing.

In the meantime let me start off by telling you something about Edvolution Pakistan.
“Edvolution – Revolution through Education”, a simple idea put forward by one, in his final year of engineering. Right from its onset Edvolution aims at educating the young minds of those- unprivileged in society.

Edvolution is a  non-profit organization, run by a dedicated team, possessing the selfless intention to bring about ‘revolution through education’. Our aim is to educate underprivileged children and help them lead the life they dream for.

We cannot provide electricity, nor can we get the children of the slums food but we can give them what is vital for their future and of the nation, what we can guarantee is a whole bulk of educated and civilized citizens to be added to the main stream professions.

We need to invest in today to reap the fruits tomorrow.

Let us all join hands in this literary struggle because revolution is all we need today, a revolution that sustains and a revolution that is for ALL!

The revolution through education has begun. Let’s return the country we owe everything to!

In the coming weeks we will strive to, not only give you examples of our innovation, but also keep you updated on some of the key projects and milestones in the organisation. You can expect to read about

  • Comparison between two platforms

  • Innovation/projects

  • A comparison of the popular Content Management Solutions

  • Best practices in project management

  • and many more!

  • You can follow our blog via our Twitter and Facebook pages.
    If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or info@edvolutionpakistan.org us.